Top 10 Best Private Schools in Dhaka: Supercharge Your Child’s Future

You’re probably here because you understand the immense value of education in shaping your child’s future, right? We’re on the same page then. This bustling city of Dhaka, with its towering skyscrapers and vibrant culture, is home to over 21 million people, and among them, bright young minds eager to learn and grow.

Here’s a statistic that might surprise you – did you know that there are over 4,000 schools in this city alone? That’s a mind-boggling number, and when it comes to choosing the right one for your child, the task can be daunting. You might find yourself asking, “Which schools offer the best education? Where will my child thrive and reach their full potential?”

The importance of this decision cannot be understated. After all, we’re talking about the foundation of your child’s future. The school you choose will shape their character, intellect, and their outlook towards life. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the top 10 best private schools in Dhaka. Schools that go beyond just academics, focusing on creating well-rounded individuals who are ready to take on the world.

Top 10 Best Private Schools in Dhaka List

  1. Scholastica School
  2. Maple Leaf International School
  3. Viqarunnisa Noon School & College
  4. International School Dhaka
  5. Rajuk Uttara Model College
  6. Aga Khan School, Dhaka
  7. Dhaka Residential Model College
  8. Dhaka College
  9. Mastermind School
  10. Willes Little Flower School and College

1. Scholastica School

Established in 1977, Scholastica School has steadily risen to become a shining star in Dhaka’s educational landscape. With its dedication to holistic education, it’s no surprise that this school made it to the top of our list.

Founded with a mission to provide a balanced and well-rounded education, Scholastica has always emphasized developing students into well-rounded individuals. The school’s motto, “Light Through Learning,” perfectly encapsulates its commitment to fostering a love for knowledge in its students.

What sets Scholastica apart is its holistic approach to education. The school boasts an extensive range of extracurricular activities, from drama and debate clubs to sports teams and science fairs, providing students with ample opportunities to discover and pursue their passions.

When it comes to academic performance, Scholastica has an impressive track record. Their students consistently achieve top grades in national and international exams, reflecting the school’s rigorous academic standards and commitment to excellence.

In the words of the school principal, “At Scholastica, we believe that education is not just about academic achievement but about helping students discover their potential and develop into well-rounded individuals.”

A parent of a Scholastica student echoes this sentiment, stating, “My daughter loves going to school every day. She’s not just learning textbook knowledge, but also developing her interests and gaining valuable life skills. We couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

2. Maple Leaf International School

Next on our list is Maple Leaf International School, a distinguished institution with a rich history and a progressive approach to education. Let’s delve into what makes this school stand out.

Maple Leaf International School was established in 1972, with a vision to provide an international standard of education in Bangladesh. The school follows the Ontario (Canada) Curriculum, providing a unique educational experience to its students.

One of the standout features of Maple Leaf is its commitment to inclusive education. The school is known for its multicultural, diverse environment that fosters mutual respect and understanding. Additionally, their adoption of the globally recognized Ontario Curriculum ensures students get an education that’s on par with their international counterparts.

In terms of academic performance, Maple Leaf consistently sees its students excel in their studies. Their high university acceptance rate is a testament to the school’s rigorous academic standards and dedicated faculty.

As one teacher puts it, “Here at Maple Leaf, we strive to create a nurturing, inclusive environment where every student can thrive. Our curriculum is not just focused on academics, but also on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.”

3. Scholastica

Third on our list is Viqarunnisa Noon School & College, a prestigious institution with a rich history and a reputation for academic excellence. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this school stand out.

Founded in 1952, Viqarunnisa Noon School & College has made significant contributions to female education in Bangladesh. Named after Viqarunnisa Noon, a pioneer in advocating for women’s education, the school continues to uphold her vision by empowering its students to become confident, competent, and compassionate individuals.

What sets Viqarunnisa Noon School apart is its steadfast commitment to female education. As one of the most esteemed all-girls institutions in Bangladesh, it provides a safe, nurturing environment where students are encouraged to reach their full potential. The school is also known for its emphasis on cultural activities, instilling a sense of national identity and pride among its students.

Viqarunnisa Noon School & College boasts a strong academic record, with its students consistently achieving top positions in board exams. This speaks volumes about the school’s high academic standards and dedicated faculty.

A sentiment echoed by a proud parent who says, “My daughter has grown into a confident, curious learner at Viqarunnisa. We’re incredibly proud to be part of this community.”

4. International School Dhaka (ISD)

The International School Dhaka, established in 1999, brought a breath of fresh air to the education system in Bangladesh. As an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, ISD is committed to developing inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who are equipped to create a better and more peaceful world.

ISD stands out with its comprehensive IB curriculum, a globally recognized educational program known for its rigorous standards and emphasis on personal development. The school also prides itself on its multicultural community, state-of-the-art facilities, and extensive range of extracurricular activities.

The school’s academic record is impressive, with students regularly achieving scores well above the IB world average. This is a testament to the school’s high-quality teaching and learning environment.

As the school principal shares, “At ISD, we are dedicated to fostering a love for learning and instilling a global perspective in our students. Our aim is to prepare our students for success in an increasingly interconnected world.”

A parent of an ISD student adds, “ISD has been a fantastic choice for our family. The teachers are dedicated, and the IB curriculum is preparing our child not just acadically, but also as a global citizen.”

5. Rajuk Uttara Model College

Rounding off the top five on our list is Rajuk Uttara Model College, an institution that has consistently topped the charts in terms of academic performance. Let’s delve deeper into what makes this school an excellent choice.

Established in 1994 by the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK), the Rajuk Uttara Model College has since set a precedent for academic excellence in Bangladesh. The school upholds the principle of ‘Knowledge is Power’ and aims to prepare its students to excel in all aspects of life.

Rajuk Uttara Model College stands out with its exceptional academic track record. The school has consistently ranked top in the SSC and HSC results in Dhaka Board, reflecting the school’s commitment to academic excellence. Moreover, the school also fosters a strong sense of community and cultural pride through various co-curricular activities.

When it comes to academic success, Rajuk Uttara Model College is hard to beat. Their students regularly achieve top positions in national exams, a testament to the school’s dedication to academic rigor and high standards.

One parent proudly shares, “We’ve seen our son grow into a confident and curious learner during his time here. The teachers are dedicated, and the community is supportive. We couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

6. Aga Khan School, Dhaka

Aga Khan School, Dhaka, a part of the global Aga Khan Education Services, was established in 1988. The school’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that education should foster ethical, social, economic, and intellectual development, turning students into responsible and thoughtful citizens of the world.

The school stands out with its internationally recognized curriculum and robust student support programs. Aga Khan School, Dhaka, offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program alongside the national curriculum, providing students with a well-rounded and globally relevant education. The school also prides itself on its state-of-the-art campus, vibrant co-curricular activities, and commitment to community service.

Aga Khan School, Dhaka, boasts a consistent record of high academic achievement. Their students regularly excel in both national and international examinations, reflecting the school’s emphasis on academic rigor and high standards.

The school principal shares, “At Aga Khan, we believe in nurturing the whole child. Our aim is to develop students who are academically proficient, socially responsible, and prepared for the challenges of the future.”

7. Dhaka Residential Model College

Established in 1960, Dhaka Residential Model College stands as one of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions in Bangladesh. Rooted in its motto “Strive for Excellence,” the school promotes an environment of intellectual curiosity, moral integrity, and commitment to social responsibility.

Dhaka Residential Model College distinguishes itself with its residential program, providing a supportive and enriching environment for students to grow both academically and personally. The school is also known for its wide range of co-curricular activities, from sports to cultural clubs, offering students opportunities to discover and nurture their talents beyond the classroom.

Dhaka Residential Model College has a strong record of academic achievement, with its students regularly securing top positions in board exams. This is a testament to the school’s dedicated faculty and rigorous academic standards.

The school principal reflects, “At Dhaka Residential Model College, we strive to provide an education that balances academic rigor with character development. We aim to nurture young minds who will become leaders of the future.”

A student shares, “My time at Dhaka Residential Model College has been transformative. The lessons I’ve learned here extend far beyond the classroom.”

8. Dhaka College

Founded in 1841, Dhaka College holds the distinction of being one of the oldest educational institutions in Bangladesh. Guided by its motto “Knowledge is Power,” the college is committed to fostering intellectual growth, ethical grounding, and leadership skills among its students.

One of Dhaka College’s unique features is its historic legacy, which is entwined with the country’s intellectual and cultural history. The college is also renowned for its rigorous academic curriculum, vast array of extracurricular activities, and a faculty dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders.

The college’s academic record is impressive. Its students regularly excel in the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examinations, reflecting the institution’s dedication to academic excellence and its commitment to fostering a culture of learning.

The principal of Dhaka College remarks, “Our goal is to cultivate well-rounded individuals who excel acadically and contribute positively to society.”

9. Mastermind School

Mastermind School was established in 1997 with a clear mission: to offer a stimulating learning environment that nurtures the individual potential of each student. The school’s ethos is grounded in promoting creativity, critical thinking, and a spirit of lifelong learning.

Mastermind School stands out with its child-centered approach to education. The school emphasizes experiential learning, encouraging students to learn by doing. Additionally, the school’s varied co-curricular activities and community outreach programs further enrich the student experience.

Mastermind School prides itself on its strong academic performance. Its students consistently achieve excellent results in national examinations, validating the school’s commitment to academic rigor and student success.

The principal of Mastermind School shares, “Our vision at Mastermind is to ignite the spark of learning in each child. We believe in nurturing curious, confident, and compassionate learners who are prepared for the challenges of the future.”

10. Willes Little Flower School and College

Established in 1956, Willes Little Flower School and College has a rich history in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. The school’s guiding principle is to provide a comprehensive education that emphasizes moral and intellectual development, preparing students to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Willes Little Flower School and College is distinctive for its commitment to holistic education. The school offers a robust curriculum that balances academics with co-curricular activities, fostering well-rounded development. The school’s verdant campus and modern facilities further enhance the learning experience.

Willes Little Flower School and College has a solid track record of academic excellence. Its students consistently secure top ranks in national examinations, a testament to the school’s high academic standards and its culture of diligence and perseverance.

The principal of the school says, “At Willes, we believe in shaping not just students, but responsible global citizens who can navigate life’s challenges with resilience and integrity.”

Evaluation Criteria for Top Private Schools

As we step into the core of our topic, it’s essential to understand the yardsticks we’ve used to rank these schools. After all, ‘best’ is subjective, and what might be the best for one might not be for another. So, let’s set the stage by discussing the criteria we’ve used to rank these schools:

Academic Performance

First and foremost, we look at academic performance. This includes factors like:

  • Examination results: A school’s overall performance in national and international exams.
  • Innovative teaching methods: How effectively the school utilizes contemporary teaching techniques to make learning fun and engaging.
  • Personalized learning: Whether the school offers tailored learning experiences to cater to individual student needs.

Faculty Qualifications and Teacher-Student Ratio

Next, we consider the quality of the faculty and the teacher-student ratio. A lower ratio often indicates more personalized attention for each student.

Facilities and Infrastructure

A school’s facilities and infrastructure can greatly enhance the learning experience. This includes everything from well-equipped classrooms and libraries, to science labs, computer labs, and sports facilities.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Opportunities

We also look at the range of extra-curricular activities offered. These activities are crucial for holistic development, helping students discover their talents and passions outside the classroom.

Alumni Success Stories and Career Support

The success of a school’s alumni can give us a glimpse into the school’s effectiveness in preparing students for the future. We also consider the career support provided by the school, including career counselling and internship opportunities.

Student and Parent Reviews

Lastly, we turn to those who know the schools best – the students and parents. Their feedback provides valuable insights into the school’s culture, teaching quality, and overall environment.

Final Thoughts

Navigating through the educational landscape of Dhaka, we’ve discovered a collection of remarkable private schools, each with its unique strengths and distinctive character. From Scholastica’s model of holistic education to Willes Little Flower School’s blend of tradition and innovation, we’ve seen how these institutions are nurturing the next generation of leaders, innovators, and thinkers.

Remember, while rankings and academic performance are important indicators of a school’s quality, the best school for your child is the one that fits their individual needs and aspirations. It’s about finding a place where they can thrive acadically, develop their talents, and grow as individuals.

As the philosopher Plutarch once said, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” The right school can help kindle that fire in your child, setting them on a path of lifelong learning and success.

So, as you reflect on this guide, consider not just what each school offers, but also how it aligns with your child’s potential and passion. After all, education is more than just a stepping stone to a good career—it’s a journey of self-discovery, growth, and fulfillment. And the right school can make all the difference. Happy searching!

Top Private Schools in Dhaka (FAQs)

Which is the No 1 private school in Bangladesh?

Recognizing the top private school in Bangladesh is subjective, depending on various factors. However, Scholastica School, renowned for its academic excellence and holistic education, is often considered number one.

Which is the renowned girls school in Dhaka?

Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, situated in Dhaka, stands as one of the most esteemed institutions for girls and has both Bangla and English Version. Its reputation stems from its long-standing tradition of fostering academic achievement and leadership among its students.

What is the No 1 English medium school in Bangladesh?

English Medium education is growing in Bangladesh, with several reputable institutions. Among them, the International School Dhaka (ISD) often tops the list, thanks to its International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum and high-quality teaching standards.

What’s it like inside International School Dhaka?

Inside the International School Dhaka, you’ll find a vibrant, multicultural environment. The school boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, science labs, arts and sports facilities, nurturing students’ all-round development.

What are the pros and cons of sending my child to a private school in Dhaka?

Choosing a private school in Dhaka has its advantages, such as smaller class sizes, diverse extracurricular activities, and high-quality teaching. However, cons might include higher costs and potential social exclusivity. It’s important to consider your child’s individual needs before deciding.

What are the tuition fees of private schools in Dhaka?

The tuition fees for private schools in Dhaka can vary significantly. Typically, they range from 5,000 BDT to over 30,000 BDT per month, depending on the school and the grade level. It’s advised to contact schools for the most accurate information directly.

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