Top 10 National University in Bangladesh – Ranking By Academic Performance and Diversity

The biggest challenge for every college in Bangladesh is to maintain quality and a good reputation as they face stiff competition from other colleges. This article provides information about the top 10 national university in Bangladesh, which offers a great education, and provides information about the faculties, curriculum, and research in these universities.

The top 10 national university of Bangladesh are highly competitive and have a rigorous admission process. In order to be eligible for enrollment, students must pass the entrance exams and pay a single fee to apply. The top ten universities have been ranked according to their name, location, and type of education they provide. keep reading to know about colleges in Bangladesh.

How Many National University In Bangladesh?

There are a total of 2280 national universities in Bangladesh. Among the top college list 802 honors, 1870 degrees, 157 master’s courses, and 110 professional degrees are offered. The top 10 national university list is a selection of the best colleges.

The ranking gives information about some of the notable features and services they provide to students. It also provides insight into the diversity, academic performance, student body, and other data related to college rankings in Bangladesh. To know more read the article below:

Top 10 National University In Bangladesh 2024

1Government Titumir College Bir Uttam AK Khandakar Rd, Dhaka 1213Link
2Eden Mohila College New Market – Pilkhana Rd, Dhaka 1205Link
3Dhaka College New Market, Dhaka 1205Link
4Dhaka Commerce College Commerce College Road, Dhaka 1216 Link
5Rajshahi College Saheb Bazar Rd, Rajshahi 6100 Link
6Govt. BM CollegeBM College Rd, Barishal 8200 Link
7Carmichael College College Road, Rangpur 5400 Link
8Chittagong Govt College College Road, Chokbazaar, Chittagong 4203 Link
9Govt. Michael Madhusudan College7400 Shah Abdul Karim Rd, Jashore Link
10 Sylhet MC College Tamabil Rd, Sylhet 3100 Link

Top Ten National University In Bangladesh By Division

It’s not enough for you to know the best university in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s top universities admit only a few percent of students. So, what about the rest?

There may be an easier way to complete your education in your division. There is a list of top universities in your division, the nearby division, or any division you wish to attend. Please view our complete list of the leading university colleges divided by division.

Top 10 National University In Dhaka 2024

Searching for the Top 10 National University in Dhaka in 2024? If yes, finding the best National University in Dhaka is not easy. The top 10 national universities in Dhaka are ranked according to student numbers, facilities, teaching quality, etc.

1Government Titumir College Bir Uttam AK Khandakar Rd, Dhaka 1213Link
2Eden Mohila College New Market – Pilkhana Rd, Dhaka 1205 Link
3Dhaka College New Market, Dhaka 1205 Link
4Dhaka Commerce College Commerce College Road, Dhaka 1216 Link
5Siddheswari Girls College 148, New Baily Rd, Dhaka 1000Link
6Tejgoan College 16 Indira Rd, Dhaka 1215Link
7Habibullah Bahar College 10/A Circuit House Rd, Dhaka 1000Link
8Dhaka City College House no: 88, 5 Road No. 2, Dhaka 1205Link
9Kabi Nazrul Government College 1 No, Municipality Street, Dhaka 1100Link
10Government Bangla College Darus Salam Rd, Dhaka 1216Link

Top 10 National University In Rajshahi 2024

Rajshahi division has a reputation for high performance. In Bangladesh, Rajshahi university is one of the top universities. Other universities of Rajshahi are also doing well. This is a list of top universities affiliated with the national universities of Rajshahi.

1Rajshahi College Saheb Bazar Rd, Rajshahi 6100Link
2Government Azizul Haque College College Rd, Bogra 5800Link
3Sirajganj Government College B.A. College Road, Sirajganj Sadar, SirajganjLink
4Rajshahi Govt. Women’s College43/B Hatem Khan Gorostan Road, RajshahiLink
5Nawabganj Govt. College Chapai NawabganjLink
6Vobanigonj College Bhabaniganj-6250, Bagmara, RajshahiLink
7Sayed Ahmed College Sukhanpukur , Gabtoli, Bogura- 5821Link
8Naogaon Government College Naogaon, Rajshahi, BangladeshLink
9Govt Mujibur Rahman Mohila College Fulbari, Bogura Sadar, BoguraLink
10New Govt. Degree College C&B Mor, Rajpara-6000, RajshahiLink

Top 10 National University In Barisal 2024

There are many good universities in the Barisal division. Check out the top universities in Barisal here.

1Govt. BM CollegeBM College Rd, Barishal 8200Link
2Barishal Govt. Women’s CollegeAgarpur Road, Barisal SadarLink
3Govt Barishal College Govt. Barishal CollegeLink
4Bhola Govt College Charfassion- Bhola Highway RdLink
5Barguna Govt College College Road, Barguna Sadar
Barguna – 8700, Barisal.
6Charfassion Govt. College Char Fasson Road, Bhola 8340Link
7Govt. Fazlul Haque College Chakhar, Banaripara, BarisalLink
8Jhalokhati Govt College Barisal – Pirojpur Highway, Jhalokati 8400Link
9Patuakhali Govt College Patuakhali Sadar, Patuakhali – 8600Link
10Govt. Suhrawardy CollegePirojpur Sadar, PirojpurLink

Top 10 National University In Rangpur 2024

The list of top national universities of rangpur is a useful resource if you live in rangpur or nearby. The list was compiled from the national university survey, which published national university top college ranking in different divisions of Bangladesh. See below for the top national university college ranking within the Rangpur division.

1Carmichael College College Road, Rangpur 5400 Link
2Dinajpur Govt College Suihari, Sadar, Dinajpur, Sadar – 5200Link
3Govt. Alimuddin College Govt. Alimuddin College, Shingimari 5530Link
4Govt. Begum Rokeya College Rokeya College Road, RangpurLink
5Nilphamari Govt. College Hospital Road, Nilphamari 5300Link
6Dinajpur Govt Mohila College Balubari, Dinajpur-5200,
Dinajpur, Bangladesh
7Kurigram Govt College Kurigram, BangladeshLink
8Uttar Bangla College Amingonj-Tushbhander Rd, Kakina, LalmonirhatLink
9Lalmonirhat Govt. College College Rd, LalmonirhatLink
10Gainbhandha Govt College College Road, Thana Para, Gaibandha, Gaibandha Sadar – 5700Link

Top 10 National University In Chittagong 2024

1Chittagong Govt CollegeCollege Road, Chokbazaar, Chittagong 4203 Link
2Comilla Victoria Government College Victoria College Rd, Cumilla 3500Link
3Government City College 7 Ice Factory Rd, Chattogram 4000Link
4Feni Government College College Rd, Feni 3900Link
5Chittagong Govt. Women’s CollegeNasirabad, Khulshi, ChittagongLink
6Comilla Govt Mohila College Comilla, BangladeshLink
7Government Hazi Mohammad Mohsin College College Rd, Chattogram 4000Link
8Lakshmipur Government College College Rd, LakshmipurLink
9Brahmanbaria Government College Morail,Brahmanbaria Sadar – 3400Link
10Omargoni MES College Zakir Hossain Rd, Chattogram 4225Link

Top 10 National University In Khulna 2024

1Govt MM College Jessore 7400 Shah Abdul Karim Rd, Jashore Link
2Kumira Mohila Degree College Khulna – Satkhira Rd, KumiraLink
3Jessore Govt Mohila CollegeKarbala Road, Jessore, Jessore Sadar – 7400Link
4Chuadanga Govt College Chuadanga, Chuadanga District, BangladeshLink
5Satkhira City College Rasulpur, Satkhira – 9400Link
6Kustia Govt. Mohila College Kushtia Govt. Mohila College
PTI Road, Kushtia – 7000
7Govt. P. C. College Horinkhana, BagerhatLink
8Jashore Government City CollegeCity College Rd, Jashore 7400Link
9Jessore Cantonment College Jessore Cantonment, Jessore – 7400Link
10Meherpur Government College Chuadanga – Meherpur Hwy, Meherpur 7100Link

Top 10 National University In Sylhet 2024

1Sylhet MC CollegeTamabil Rd, Sylhet 3100 Link
2Brindaban Govt CollegeBrindaban, College Rd, Habiganj 3300Link
3Sylhet Govt. Women’s CollegeChowhatta, Sadar Sylhet – 3100Link
4Moulvibazar Govt College, Moulvibazar Court Rd, Moulvibazar 3200Link
5Madan Mohon College, (Private) Lamabazar Rd, SylhetLink
6Sunamganj Govt CollegeCollege road, Sunamganj 3000Link
7Dakshin Surma College, Sylhet (Private) Chandipur Point, Main Road, SylhetLink
8Sreemangal Govt. CollegeSreemangal – 3210, MaulvibazarLink
9Govt. Mahila CollegeZindabazar, Sadar, Sylhet., Sylhet – 3100Link
10Chunarughat College Chunarughat – 3320, HabiganjLink


On this page, we have listed the top 10 national university in Bangladesh (and the toppers from each division). We have obtained the provided information from the university, and it is accurate. If you are willing to get higher education from a famous college, this article definitely helps you. Any questions regarding the top universities of Bangladesh can be asked through a comment.

Related Q&A For National University in Bangladesh

How much does it cost to attend a national university in Bangladesh?

The cost of attending a national university in Bangladesh or national university-affiliated colleges is different. This will depend on the type of education that you are seeking and the place you live in.

However, most universities are affordable as they provide scholarships to students who can’t afford tuition fees.

There are many ways to find out how much it costs to attend a national university like:
1. Searching online for information about the course and university that you want to apply for.
2. Ask your friends or family members who have already attended that university what their experience was like.

Which is the best national university in Bangladesh?

There are many universities in Bangladesh but the best national university is the Government Titumir College.

In Bangladesh, several universities offer quality education and world-class facilities. However, only one university is recognized as a national university by the government.

The main reasons why it has been chosen as the best national university (NU) in Bangladesh are:
1. It has strong research capabilities and its publications have been cited internationally over 30 times.
2. It has a student body consisting of an equal number of men and women students, which helps create gender equality at this university.
3. The tuition fees for undergraduate courses are lower than other leading universities in Bangladesh due to public funding.

What are the benefits of attending a top 10 national university in Bangladesh?

There are many benefits of attending a top 10 national university in bd. Some of the benefits include:

1. The quality of education you receive is high.
2. There are many opportunities for internships and job opportunities.
3. You will be exposed to different cultures and languages which can help you with your career prospects.
4. There are a variety of facilities that you can access such as the university library and sports center.
5. The university is well-known in Bangladesh so your experience will be recognized internationally.

What does it take to be successful at a top 10 national university in Bangladesh?

1. To be good at your subject
2. To have a high GPA (grade point average)
3. Be creative and innovative
4. Have leadership skills
5. To be able to communicate with people
6. To have the ability to manage your time in university effectively
7. To be able to work in a team and manage your time effectively
8. Have the determination to succeed at university
9. Have the ability to work in a university environment
10. To have confidence in yourself and believe that you can achieve academic success at university

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