Top 10 Private University In Bangladesh

Are you searching for the best private university in bangladesh? The following top 10 private university in bangladesh would be for you if you answered “yes.”. 

In Bangladesh, there are 107 private universities, and we chose the top 10. These ranking factors will help you if you are looking for admission to a private university in Bangladesh. Research, student numbers, student facilities, teaching quality, endowments, admissions policies, student options, and employment rate are some factors that affect a university’s ranking. Based on all these factors, we have compiled a list of the top-rated private universities in Bangladesh.

With Bangladesh’s growing educational and economic sectors, private education is becoming more popular. Only a few private universities provide quality education in Bangladesh, as their faculty members come from reputed foreign universities. However, the tuition fee is still very high compared to the Bangladesh education market.

Top 10 Private University Of Bangladesh List

  1. BRAC University
  2. North South University
  3. Daffodil International University
  4. Independent University, Bangladesh
  5. East West University
  6. United International University
  7. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology
  8. American International University-Bangladesh
  9. University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh University of Asia Pacific
  10. University of Asia Pacific

Comparison Chart Of Top Private Universities In Bangladesh

NameWorld RankingAddressWebsite
BRAC University3,12166 Mohakhali, Dhaka- 1212Link
North South University3,639Plot 15, Block B, Bashundhara,
Daffodil International University3,978Daffodil Smart City, Ashulia, DhakaLink
Independent University, Bangladesh
Plot 16, Block B,
Aftabuddin Ahmed Road,
Bashundhara R/A,
Dhaka- 1221
East West University
A/2, Jahurul Islam Avenue,
Jahurul Islam City,
Aftabnagar, Dhaka-1212
United International University
United City, Madani Avenue,  Badda, Dhaka- 1212Link
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology7,491141 & 142, Love Road,
Tejgaon Industrial Area,
Dhaka- 1208
American International University-Bangladesh8,114408/1, Kuratoli, Khilkhet,
Dhaka 1229
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh8,189House 56, Rd, 4/A Satmasjid Road, 1209Link
University of Asia Pacific8,93874/A, Green Road, Farmgate

1. BRAC University

The 1st best private university in Bangladesh is BRAC University. The NSU and this university are always in competition.

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed founded the BRAC University (BRACU) in 2001. To give tertiary education new momentum, it adopts the liberal arts model of education. The school ensures a high quality of teaching and is designed to meet the needs of modern times.

The university’s present campus is located in Mohakhali, Dhaka, and its permanent campus will be located at Merul Badda over five acres.

BRAC University offers student scholarships based on performance and merit. A friendly learning environment is the teachers’ goal, and they are generous and sympathetic.

Teachers here have been appointed by the authority who attended public universities throughout their academic lives. The teachers also have practical experience from abroad.

A variety of faculties have strong ties to international forums. The BRAC program is better for career development. This institute’s CSE is generally preferred by students more than by others.

2. North South University

North South University (NSU) is Bangladesh’s first private university. According to the rankings, North-South University is the 2nd best university in Bangladesh.

The permanent campus opened on June 9, 2009; it can serve up to 15,000 students with amenities and facilities. On 5.5 acres of land, it consists of six buildings with three basements and a combined floor area of 665,000 square feet on 6 acres of land.

NSU students have achieved some notable accomplishments in Robotics and Programming competitions.

3. Daffodil International University

Located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Daffodil International University offers co-educational courses in a private setting. The University Grants Commission (Bangladesh) and the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh approved the university’s establishment in 2002.

This university is committed to technology-based learning from the start. Daffodil University has several campuses in Dhaka. The university’s main campus is located in Ashulia, Dhaka.

The first university in Bangladesh to sign UN Commitment to Sustainable Practices for Higher Education. It’s one of the top private university Bangladesh.

4. Independent University Bangladesh

Independent University, Bangladesh is the 4th best university in the country. The founding of this university took place in 1993. This university has continued to teach at a high level since then.

It ranks among the oldest universities in Bangladesh. There is a permanent campus located on Bashundhara Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Currently, this university has over 7048 students enrolled. IUB has one of the best libraries with more than 50000 books.

5. East West University

A few universities were established in Bangladesh during the early days of private university culture. East-West University is included in this list. Established in 1996, the institution offers a variety of academic programs.

Up until 2012, the university had been operating from a temporary campus. Aftabnagar, Rampura, Dhaka, is home to the permanent East-West University campus.

After moving to its permanent campus, the university has grown more rapidly. In recent years, the university ranked 5th among private universities.

6. United International University

The United International University (UIU) was founded in 2003 under the Private University Act of 1992 (now replaced by the 2010 Act). Bangladeshi conglomerate United Group provided a financial contribution.

A befitting infrastructure and welcoming environment are built into the main campus of UIU to facilitate educational practices. UIU is equipped with modern IT and Computer Labs, Language Labs, Engineering Labs, and other essential facilities.

7. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology is also known as AUST. Bangladesh’s first private engineering university. In 1995, this university was established by Dhaka Ahsania Mission. It was established as a non-profit organization in Bangladesh.

Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka, is the home of AUST. 1.6 acres of land make up this university’s campus. If you are seeking the Best University For CSE In Bangladesh, it is one of the best.

8. American International University Bangladesh

AIUB (American International University-Bangladesh) is an independent private university established in 1994 by Dr. Anwarul Abedin, its Founder Chairman.

It assures the highest standard and excellence in education to ensure that its graduates leave a lasting legacy and propel them into the future.

At American International University-Bangladesh, students are continuously transformed into globally competitive leaders with excellent academic and intellectual knowledge and skills, enabling them to contribute during their lifetime to society and become future leaders in their chosen fields.

The American International University-Bangladesh offers excellent academic programs in response to emerging global challenges. The University aims to cultivate world-class graduates instilled with a sense of ethics that will prepare them for the challenges of the modern business, science, technology, engineering, and social sciences sectors.

9. University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

In November 2003, the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh granted permission for ULAB to start academic activities, and the university was officially launched on October 1, 2004.

The university has about 4564 students and 283 faculty members. Research is an integral part of the University’s mission, with many opportunities for faculty and students to engage in research. The University offers 7 graduate courses and 4 postgraduate courses.

10. University of Asia Pacific

Founded in 1996 as a private university, the University of Asia Pacific (UAP) aims to enhance higher education opportunities in Bangladesh. University residence is located near Farmgate (Green Road) in Dhaka. There are currently 8 undergraduate programs and 9 graduate programs at UAP. Approximately 5500 students are enrolled in UAP, which also has about 290 faculty members. IEEE has a student branch at the university.

The University of Asia Pacific, Bangladesh, is the last university on our list of the Bangladesh top private university. On the top 10 list of universities in Bangladesh, the university is rated highly for its quality of teaching.

The Best Private Universities In Bangladesh By Subject

For Mechanical Engineering

If you want to complete your graduation in mechanical engineering at an affordable price, AUST and IUBAT may be the solution for you. To get the best output, one should apply to public engineering universities.

For Civil Engineering

You should apply to AUST, BRAC, UAP, IUB, or DIU if you are interested in civil engineering. They offer good mentorship and the best resources.

For Pharmacy

It is equally good to study Pharmaceutical Science at BRAC and NSU. As well as studying Pharmacy, Microbiology and Biotechnology are very popular at these two private universities.

For Psychology

The following institutions are the best choices for completing a psychology degree in Bangladesh’s private universities: BRAC, East West University. The Psychology Department of Dhaka University is the most reputable among public universities.

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The MBA program at NSU can be the best choice. NSU’s Business School is one of the best in South Asia. The course is not comparable to IBA because it is a private university.

For English

For your English language program, you can choose one of the following private institutions: EWS, ULAB, and IUB.

For Law

The search for the best private universities for LLB can be a daunting task. There are a lot of institutions offering this program. In our opinion, BRAC, IUB, and NSU are the best choices for law degrees. We recommend DU and RU if you are preparing to enter a public university.

Admissions Requirements For Private Universities

The SSC, HSC, or equivalents score 3.5 points or more to qualify for admission into most private universities’ undergraduate programs. A CGPA of 2.5 in five subjects is required in O-Levels. The minimum CGPA for A-levels is 2.5 in two subjects separately on the scale of A=5, B=4, C=3, and D=2.

Tuition Fees In Private Universities With Other Expenses

The average tuition fees in universities like BRAC, IUB, and AIUB cost about 12 to 13 lac BDT ($15000 to $16500) for bachelor’s and 3 to 4 lacs ($4000 to $5,000) for master’s courses.

Comparison Of Foreign Degrees With Bangladeshi Private University Degrees

Many EU countries offer free higher education. German, Chinese, Austrian, and Norwegian universities offer any degree program at full free tuition, but there is no such chance for public or private institutions in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh values foreign degrees more than its own universities. As a result, the number of Bangladeshi students studying abroad is on the rise. In contrast, low-cost university degrees from Bangladesh are often rejected by many foreign universities when applying for admission.

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Final Verdict

Private universities are undoubtedly helping to meet the growing demand for higher education. However, only a few are ensuring the level of standard at a regional or global level. A lack of infrastructure, ineffective and inexperienced staff and a profit-motivated founder put this sub-sector in a tough position.

However, we should accept that their value is above average. If one wishes to know more about them, one should visit their respective websites. You can use Facebook to inquire about the universities of a particular department before admission.

A student should take the distance into account before choosing any of the private universities. He might not enjoy the bus ride in a traffic jam. Hopefully, this top 10 private university in Bangladesh ranking will assist you in finding your dream university in Bangladesh.

Related Q&A For Private University In Bangladesh

What are the reasons for higher tuition at private universities?

Public universities are fully funded by the government, whereas private universities are entirely dependent on student tuition fees.

In public universities, the government develops infrastructure, while private universities must establish their own campuses. Many other factors resulted in the private university having higher expenses than the public university.

What is the best private university in Bangladesh?

Globally, North South University is Bangladesh’s top university.

How many private Universities are in Bangladesh?

There are 107 private universities in Bangladesh, according to the University Grants Commission

Which is Bangladesh’s first private university?

The North-South University was Bangladesh’s first private university, established in 1992.

What are the best subjects to study at private universities?

Applied Subjects like CSE, BBA, and law are highly recommended.

What is the best subject in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh’s best subject is Computer Science & Engineering in 2024.

What are the top five subjects in Bangladesh?

1. CSE (Computer Science & Engineering)
2. SWE (Software Engineering)
3. Civil Engineering
4. Accounting and Finance
5. EEE (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

What are the top 5 universities for CSE in Bangladesh?

1. BRAC University (BRACU)
2. Ahsanullah University of Science Technology (AUST)
3. East West University (EWU)
4. Daffodil International University (DIU)
5. University of Asia Pacific (UAP)

Which university is best for BBA in Bangladesh?

The best university in Bangladesh for BBA is North South University (NSU).

What are the Top 5 Private University in Bangladesh for BBA?

1. North South University (NSU)
2. East West University (EWU)
3. Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB)
4. American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB)
5. BRAC University (BRACU)

Which university is best for EEE in Bangladesh?

The best university for EEE in Bangladesh is Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology and Independent University Bangladesh.

What are the Top 5 Private University in Bangladesh for EEE?

1. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST)
2. Independent University Bangladesh (IUB)
3. East West University (EWU)
4. North South University (NSU)
5. BRAC University (BRACU)

Which subject is best for job in Bangladesh?

CSE (Computer Science & Engineering) is the best field for jobs in Bangladesh.

Which private university is best for Software Engineering in Bangladesh?

For Software Engineering in Bangladesh, Daffodil International University is the best.

Which private university is best for pharmacy in bangladesh?

BRAC and NSU both offer excellent opportunities to study Pharmaceutical Science.

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