Best University For Architecture In Bangladesh: Top 10 Notable Universities

Building structures for society requires creativity and skill on the part of architects. Getting an education from one of the top-ranked university is the best way to develop these skills. 

The architectural landscape of Bangladesh is booming, but few universities offer a Bachelor of Architecture degree

It may be hard to find a ranking list of the top architecture university in bangladesh. Still, this article will show you some of the best university for architecture in Bangladesh.

Top 10 Best Architecture University In Bangladesh

  1. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
  2. State University of Bangladesh
  3. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
  4. World University of Bangladesh
  5. North-South University
  6. Daffodil International University
  7. University of Asia Pacific
  8. Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology
  9. BRAC University
  10. Stamford University Bangladesh

To 10 Best Private University For Architecture In Bangladesh

  1. State University of Bangladesh
  2. World University of Bangladesh
  3. North-South University
  4. Daffodil International University
  5. University of Asia Pacific
  6. Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology
  7. BRAC University
  8. Stamford University Bangladesh
  9. American International University Bangladesh
  10. Stamford University

Is Architecture Engineering A Good Career?

With an architecture major, you can develop technical skills and creative abilities. Due to its broad skillset, architecture graduates can pursue careers in interior design, urban planning, and construction management. Here are some career opportunities:

1. Architecture 

Most architecture majors choose this career path. As an architect, you will help design buildings for many clients, from small businesses to large corporations. Therefore, it’s essential to ask yourself what type of building you would like to design to determine what type of architecture best suits your personality. Finding out what types of structures (and clients) you are interested in will help you find a role at an architecture firm that is a good fit.

2. Technical Architect 

Larger firms usually separate technical and design architects. Over time, most architects tend to lean one way or another.

  • The Design Architect starts the project and leads it to Design Development.
  • After that, a Technical Architect will handle all the construction documents and administration.
  • Building construction is usually drawn by a Technical Architect, rather than the overall look.

3. Design Architect

Many people think of architects as Design Architects. Generally, the design architect will lead the overall design concept. This is done by analyzing the program (written description from the client) and converting it into the building. A typical process begins with simple hand drawings before moving onto 2D and 3D modeling using the software.

4. Director or Partner 

Within larger architecture firms, both design and technical architects can become directors or partners. This role involves managing many projects simultaneously. An individual at this level would also be expected to guide the future of the office and bring in new work for the practice. 

5. BIM Manager

BIM is a building model in 3D. Typically, the BIM Manager of the larger projects is responsible for updating the model. As a consultant, the work is more management and technical in nature. For effective project delivery, this role is very important, particularly on large projects.

6. Specification Writer

In a specification, the details of the materials to be used on a project are described in writing. To ensure that a building’s various components fit and work together, spec writers write the specifications. 

7. Project Manager

A Project Manager’s role includes solving problems, motivating others, advocating, documenting, measuring, and communicating.

Additionally, he or she must plan, organize, and staff the project. The first step is to understand how and when the project will be carried out and what kind of leadership and staff will be needed.

Work plans are developed based on schedules, how the parties interact, and the firm’s resources and fees. Usually, the PM also monitors project progress and completion.

8. Interior Designer

Works as an interior designer to optimize future workspaces. This involves designing interior spaces to maximize efficiency and style. Designers ensure that spaces are both beautiful and functional. 

In general, workplace consulting is intended to help clients get the most satisfaction and productivity from their projects.

9. Constructor

Building a space, a patio, or a cute little cafe can be managed by the construction manager. He can do anything from preparing contracts to track craftsmen’s progress to ensure the right materials are available. Someone interested in construction management will enjoy this role.

10. Urban Planner

As an urban planner, he makes the best use of the land of the community by coordinating, developing, analyzing, and reviewing resources. Urban planners help an area adapt to changing problems, goals, and economies. Architects need to have a systematic approach to planning and a sense of creativity.

11. Sole Proprietor

This is a one-man operation. Generally, she or he works alone, with the assistance of a few consultants. The workload of one person is manageable in small-scale residential projects.


The Architecture program is one of the most rigorous programs across any major in Bangladesh. The professors are approachable, knowledgeable, and passionate about their work. They are committed to developing your field knowledge through disciplines including history, theory, design, and principles.

Studying architecture at BUET will open endless possibilities for you after graduation!

The article is about the best University for Architecture in Bangladesh. If you have any questions, let us know.

Related Q&A For University For Architecture In Bangladesh

How much does it cost to study architecture at university?

There is no one answer to this question as the cost of studying architecture at university will vary depending on the location, type of architecture program you choose, and even your nationality. However, a rough estimate would suggest that the average cost of studying architecture at university could range from 100,000 to 150,000 taka per year.

How much money does an Architect make in Bangladesh?

Architects in Bangladesh usually earn 30,000 Tk. per month. The low salary is 15000 BDT, and the highest is 120,000 BDT.

The average monthly salary includes housing, transportation, and other benefits. Architects’ wages vary greatly depending on their experience, skills, location, or gender.

Which private university is best for architecture in Bangladesh?

The State University of Bangladesh is one of the best universities for studying Architecture in Bangladesh. It is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution in the country. With a sprawling green campus, excellent infrastructural facilities, and world-class professors, this university deserves to be on the list of any aspiring architecture student.

Which public university is best for architecture in Bangladesh?

BUET offers the best architecture education in Bangladesh. It has a strong faculty and maintains a high standard of teaching. The campus is located in an urban setting, which means students have easy access to the city’s culture and amenities.

Which country has the best architecture university?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences. However, some of the best architecture universities in the world are situated in the USA. Such as:

1. Harvard University
2. Stanford University
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT]
4. Princeton University
5. University of California

Which is better: a full-time or part-time course for architecture in Bangladesh?

There is no definitive answer as it depends on your individual needs and goals.

If you are looking for a full-time course, then a better option would be to enroll in an architecture program at a university. However, if you are only interested in part-time courses, then there are many options available online or at a university college.

Ultimately, the best decision is to speak to an architect or other professionals in the field to get their opinion on which course would be best for you.

What are the benefits of studying architecture at university?

There are many benefits to studying architecture at university. These include:

1. The ability to work in a variety of different fields.
2. The opportunity to learn from some of the best architects in the world.
3. The chance to develop your skills and knowledge in a field that is constantly growing and changing.
4. The ability to build a successful career as an architect.

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